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ANALYSIS: Financial expert says continued growth is dependant on a successful Q4

Xmas to make or break recovery

This Christmas period will prove to be make or break for the channel and wider economy, according to a financial expert.

Speaking to PCR, Nigel Stone, the chief executive of Infinite Group, said that there are signs that the economy is improving, but that there is still uncertainty as to whether it is a permanent upswing, or the prelude to another fall.

"Optimism seems higher than it was six months ago and I get the feeling that some previously planned launches or sales drives were put on hold, rather than shelved indefinitely," commented Stone.

"What remains to be seen is if the peak will be a ‘V’ (continuous improving sales) or a ‘W’ (a peak, then a decline before we see a recovery). In my opinion, this will depend on whether customers can be enticed with an enriched offering over the busiest trading period and then clear propositions demonstrating customer value through 2010."

You can read more about Stone’s economic outlook, as well as those of other key channel figures by clicking here.

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