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EU report also finds that a quarter have never used a PC

A third of Europeans never use Internet

An EU report in to the digital penetration of the continent has found that one in three people have never been on the internet, despite broadband access being available to over 90 per cent of the EU’s population, and one in four people has never used a computer.

Of those that do not use the internet, a third did not see the point in getting a connection, while a quarter could not afford it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this group was mostly composed of the over-65 age bracket and the unemployed.

On the other hand, 56 per cent of EU citizens use the internet on a regular basis, with three quarters of those people using it every day. The amount of people investigating goods and services online has grown by 50 per cent and email usage has grown by 53 per cent.

The report also found that although the technology sector sees the largest levels of research and development spending in the EU, the ICT sector only contributes around three per cent of total employment and five per cent of GDP.

The full report entitled ‘Benchmarking i2010: trends and main achievements’ can be found here.

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