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Vendor sends out gagging order to iPod owner, after growing reports of violently malfunctioning devices

Apple covers up exploding iPods

Apple is apparently attempting to keep owners of exploding iPods quiet by issuing gag orders when refunds are requested.

The Times has highlighted a particular incident where a father and daughter were told they could only get their money back from the firm if they both signed a settlement form, which would leave them open to legal action if they ever discussed it.

Ken Stanborough claims he dropped the iPod, which then began hissing and emitting smoke, before exploding and flying ten feet in the air.

After denying liability, Apple offered him a refund for the destroyed device, but only if he would “agree that you will keep the terms and existence of this settlement agreement completely confidential.” He was told that if he failed to do this it “may result in Apple seeking injunctive relief, damages and legal costs against the defaulting persons or parties.”

Stanborough said: “They’re putting a life sentence on myself, my daughter and Ellie’s mum, not to say anything to anyone. If we inadvertently did say anything, no matter what, they would take litigation against us. I thought that was absolutely appalling. We didn’t ask for compensation, we just asked for our money back.”

This report follows a number of claims involving exploding iPods, some of which have been sent to the courts.

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