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BLOG: MTA says Dell software may pave the way for Mac vendor to open up channel

Apple hints at OSX on PCs

Signs have emerged that Apple may be preparing to open up OSX to the PC channel, the Mac Technology Association has claimed.

The trade body’s claim came after it revealed Dell has not been challenged over its decision to supply users with software that allows the installation of OSX on its Mini 7 and Mini 9 netbooks.

"The question that begs asking in light of that is why is Apple are allowing this," questioned executive director of the MTA, Robert Peckham.

"The software download comes from Dell itself – not some small independent ‘hackintosh’ developer, and full instructions are available via Dell’s website. It’s very unlikely Apple would allow this without approving it, and there’s no Apple alternative to Dell’s excellent ‘Mini’ series of netbooks – not yet, anyway."

You can read the MTA’s final pre-TCA merger column by clicking here.

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