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Upcoming range of Vaio laptops will be using Windows 7 OS

Sony laptops go touchscreen, add PSN

Sony will soon include touchscreen functionality to a range of Vaio laptops.

In fact, the company’s upcoming Vaio W laptop will also be integrating PlaySation Network (PSN) functionality. 

Initially, the PSN service will be used for the delivery of digital content such as movies, yet Sony’s Mike Abary told mobile tech website Laptop that game content “is a possibility” for the device.

The laptop is set to launch before the end of the year, with the device using Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 7.

“We think touch on Windows 7 is something we find compelling and we will certainly introduce touch into some of our products at the launch of Win 7,” added Abary.

Image, courtesy of Kotaku, is used for illustrative purposes.

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