AT&T?s CEO adds fuel to months of speculation that O2?s Apple deal will close soon

iPhone network exclusivity ‘will end’

Apple’s iPhone network exclusivity agreements will inevitably come to an end.

That was the declaration made by AT&T boss Randall Stephenson, whose company currently has one such iPhone exclusivity deal in the US.

Speaking at the Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference on Thursday, Stephenson said that “there will be a day when you are not exclusive with the iPhone.”

Network providers across the world have so far ensured that Apple’s influential smartphone is tied to a single network in numerous regions. 

Yet the terms of such exclusivity deals, particularly how long they last, has been the subject of speculation.

Numerous reports have implied that UK operator O2 will lose its exclusivity contract with Apple in the months ahead. 

Neither company has confirmed or denied this, yet Stephenson’s comments lend weight to the belief that the iPhone will some day be available on other Networks in the UK.

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