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BLOG: Trade body launches study into the most effective means for pulling in customers

NASCR seeks best trade offers

NASCR is calling on resellers to take part in an investigation into what offers actually bring in business.

Writing in the trade body’s monthly column, committee member Geoff Carr wrote: "I’d like to discover which offers work for people in the real world of IT. Ones like these: no call-out charge, no fix no fee, free estimates, free data back-up, same-day call-out, free insurance quotes, while-you-wait service, etc.

"Do you use these or similar offers, and how well do they work for you? Don’t feel you’re giving away your ‘trade secrets’ as I got this list out of the Yellow Pages. If I get even a couple of responses, I’ll share them in this column."

You can read NASCR’s column by clicking here.

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