Company blames old tech as Irish workers are made redundant

Intel sheds 300 jobs

Intel has made nearly 300 workers within its Irish operation redundant, due a to a lack of demand for the older products in productions.

The weak pound and wider economic difficulty is also thought to be a factor.

“The employees and company will engage in a process of consultation over the next number of weeks to determine which employees will be specifically affected by this action,” the company said in a statement. The fact of the matter is the older 200mm technologies are coming to the end of their useful life and there aren’t that many customers left for those products."

Intel plans to shut down 6 factories across the world, which will bring a loss of 5000-6000 jobs.

In addition to this, Intel announced a reduction of 1000 jobs in its manufacturing network.

The company has said that over the last 20 years it has invested some €6bn into its Leixlip branch in a bid to stabilise the business in Ireland.

Dell, which has also cut jobs in Ireland recently, said: “Ireland has become too expensive…the recession is a good opportunity for Ireland to reset its economy and return to being the lean, aggressive player it was ten years ago. Our strategy in Ireland is to bring high-tech jobs into the Irish market. Unfortunately, manufacturing doesn’t pay anymore, it’s just not possible.”

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