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There?s nothing hiding the fact that the market is tough at the minute and has been for a while. Times like these encourage you to challenge your stock portfolio and even more importantly what new opportunities you could capitalise on to give your customers that crucial cutting edge.

For those considering NAS

Whilst VIPs core focus has traditionally been PC components, I think you always need the flexibility that enables you to keep up with the market and the demand that stimulates it.

NAS is a good example – it is one of few strong growth areas in IT at the moment so that is why we were so keen to get QNAP on-board. They have enabled us to offer an excellent product that our customers and their customers can both rely on. The bonus with QNAP is that it offers our customers a brand relatively new to the UK market. Whilst established brands such as Buffalo and Netgear attract the benefits of stocking a well known brand name, QNAP has great growth potential and with that, great margin making potential for resellers.

Basically, NAS or Network Attached Storage enables users to store documents and files centrally on a network. Historically a user would store files locally on their own PC, which is fine but when they then want to share documents with other users it starts to become unnecessarily time consuming and complicated. NAS offers a solution that makes it much easier for people to share files. With the rise of the multi-PC home, NAS storage provides users with the means to share pictures, MP3s and videos without having to save them locally on to each computer.

With the growth of flexible working, people are dividing their time between home and work. NAS storage enables them to refer to files created at home whilst in the office and vice versa – not all NAS allows users to do this, so it is a real selling feature for resellers. If you are working from home, it would be a nightmare to realise that you have left a critical file on your work PC that would ultimately make the time spent at home worthless.

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