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Trade body says that knee-jerk reactions to fraud could cost you genuine custom

NASCR warns retailers over restrictive terms and conditions

NASCR has told its members to avoid imposing restrictive terms and conditions on purchases and services, warning that they will only drive genuine customers away.

Writing in the trade group’s monthly column, committee member Geoff Carr said that while there had been a rise in the number of customers who have tried to take advantage of retailers, they must refrain from protecting themselves through unfair conditions.

"Retailers may be seen as fair game for various reasons, often because people just don’t understand how business works. And because of the few dodgy types who try to rip off retail, shops try to cover themselves with restrictive terms and conditions.

"Unfortunately, on the other side of the fence, there are a number of shopkeepers who go even further and take advantage of the unwary punter. I recently acquired a sales receipt that an ordinary customer was given by a computer shop, which had masses of conditions in tiny print. Some of these were almost certainly illegal, such as terms to restrict warranties to 30 days."

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