Nokia-owned firm says future of satellite navigation lies in dashboard-integrated solutions

Navteq: Phones won’t overtake dedicated GPS devices

Navteq has dismissed suggestions that mobile phones will overtake dedicated portable navigation devices as the primary technology for route finding.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, vice-president of the Nokia-owned firm, Serge Bussat said: "The phone will not replace the sat nav". He added that he sees the future of satellite navigation as part of an integrated solution, such as the Renault Clio’s TomTom Carminat.

However, he said that the lengthy product development cycle of cars meant that for the time being at least, developments in portable systems would out pace integrated solutions. He added that the "phone is an intermediate step," between a portable device and integration with the car.

He also predicted that this Christmas could see a boom in satellite navigation devices.

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