INTERVIEW: Accessibility and power will lead to increased demand for security solutions, claims company

Kaspersky predicts mobile virus boom

Kaspersky has said that it sees smart phones becoming a major growth area for security vendors in the coming years.

Speaking to PCR, consumer sales director Simon Geech said that he believed that while the market for mobile internet browsing was small at the moment, developments in handset technology would lead to the inevitable growth of viruses aimed specifically at the platform.

He said that with smartphones expected to out number laptops by a margin of 2:1 by next year, security issues would increase sooner rather than later
"Internet security for smartphones is not yet the next big area, but certainly, based on the rapid development of smart phones, and the accessibility to the internet through these devices, we believe this will represent a significant growth area in the not to distant future.

To read the full interview with PCR, click here.

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