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Vendor acknowledges it had too many and that they had become too complicated to understand

Intel repositions key brands

Intel has announced an overhaul of its processor families that will see it consolidate most of its SKUs under the Intel Core brand, after it recognised that it "had too many" in the marketplace.

The move is aimed at simplifying the category to make it easier for consumers and businesses to work out which is the right product for them.

As part of the rebranding, Intel will be launching two new processors – the i3 and i5s, which will join the existing i7 as part of its Core family. The i3 will be aimed at entry-level computers, while the i5 will be focused on mid-range models.

Its Pentium and Celeron brands will be kept, but focused on different product areas, such as its WIMAX business.

"Core really is our hero brand," explained vice president and director of Corporate Marketing, Deborah Conrad. "As part of this exploration that we’ve been doing we’ve looked at all the different brands that we have in the market and realised that we just have too many. It was too confusing.

"We outgrew out naming structure a long time ago and started adding suffixes and numbers and all kinds of modifiers to it, and it just became too confusing. We really are going back to basics."

The new brands will also be launched alongside Intel’s new star rating system, which was announced in April. It has been designed to help consumers and businesses which processor they need for them.

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