Vendor unveils its version of the Radeon 4890 GPU

Gigabyte builds on Radeon platform

Gigabyte has launched its version of ATI’s Radeon 4890, the memorably named GV-R489-1GH-B.

The new graphics card makes the most of ATI’s core, utilising the advanced GDDR5 memory technology, TeraScale graphics engine, dynamic geometry acceleration, quad mode ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support and PowerPlay to deliver a strong performance.

The TeraScale graphics engine allows the GPU to deliver over one TeraFLOPS of processing power and the gigabyte of GDDR5 memory to handle twice the amount of memory per pin as GDDR3 at the same clock speed.

Gigabyte claims that these applications, combined with the 24x custom filter anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, will give a true-tolife graphic quality and enable users to set graphic setting to maximum for even the most demanding software.

ATI’s Stream technology allows the parallel processing for functions such as physics engines, AI and ray tracing, and can handle demanding tasks such as video transcoding with relative ease. Meanwhile, the inclusion of DirectX 10.1 graphic support enables the GPU to handle the latest in graphical effects.

The PowerPlay technology increases efficiency by varying power output depending on what’s required and conserving it when it’s not needed, offering a greener solution to the GPU sector.

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