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Former Microsoft boss tells assembled CEOs that technology can beat the economic crisis

Gates: ‘IT revolution just beginning’

Bill Gates has said that the world is only at the beginning of the software/IT revolution, and that it has a key role to play in helping to pull the US and the world out of recession.

Speaking at Microsoft’s annual CEO summit, Gates said that software and IT could help make key markets such as the financial and pharmaceuticals sectors more efficient, thereby boosting productivity, reports Reuters.

"The drug companies will get back in high productivity mode. The software, IT revolution – we’re just at the start of that," he told a panel of guests, which included billionaire Warren Buffett, News International chairman Rupert Murdoch, and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

"What we can do for education, communication, and what that looks like for the efficiencies of world markets, we are just at the beginning of that, he continued. "The opportunities for innovation are stronger today than ever."

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