Distributor boosts its direct-to-consumer shipping scheme to the continent

Euro expansion for Meroncourt’s drop shipping operation

Meroncourt has expanded its direct to consumer distribution model, which it says now gives independent retailers a chance to crack into previously unreachable European markets and work around the problems of credit supply and storage.

The Drop Shipping programme gives access to Meroncourt products without the need to hold stock, and delivers products directly to consumers’ door. However the expanded reach of the programme has the potential to provide an effective international business for even small businesses.

"We have now rolled the scheme out to our full customer base and are even shipping some orders into Europe on their behalf, so many customers are seeing the advantage of increased business not just locally, but within the Eurozone and beyond," said sales director Steve Walsh. "It’s almost a ‘something for nothing’ scheme.

For the retailer it’s a win-win situation – he has no risk from taking stock in advance, he can list 100 per cent of our products and only orders from us once he has been paid for the item by the end user."

To support the scheme, Meroncourt has expanded its own distribution operations: "We have had to invest in additional logistics – staff, warehousing, administration and IT – but for us this has always been a long term project and for the past 18 months we have seen increasing numbers of customers using the facility. The initial success has been so positive that some customers are now using Meroncourt as their fulfillment warehouse as well."

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