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Prominent games publisher looks to online future as 'disks are not working'

EA Sports to abandon PC disks

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, has said the firm needs to find new business models for its PC games, claiming physical disks are no longer viable.

In an interview with Edge, the games industry veteran said: "We’ve got to find the right business model for us going forward. We really want to keep sports an important part of the portfolio that’s available to PC gamers, but the business model right now, shipping a physical disc for the PC, simply isn’t working for us."

Moore went on to allude that a download based distribution service for PC games was in the pipeline, much like Steam.

He also said that licensing issues are a problem in the creation of sports games, since partners – presumably meaning organisations like the FA – are reluctant to approve anything that involves things like players disputes or arrests, reducing the realism of titles.

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