Gordon Brown says network must be introduced to support the UK's content industries

PM calls on comms industry to deliver high speed internet

Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a high speed, universally accessible digital network to support the UK’s content industry at Friday’s Digital Britain summit.

Speaking in front of 250 of the UK’s top communications industry executives, Brown said that he believes strengthening the UK’s digital network was key to the country maintaining its position in the global economy.

He also said that the country’s creative industries needed further investment and legal support to help protect their intellectual property, in a nod to the Pirate Bay case.

However, BT’s chief executive Ian Livingstone came under fire from some quarters for his company’s reasoning behind not rolling out fibre optics to homes – an action which would result in speeds of up to 40Mbps, compared above 100Mbps.

"Of course a Ferrari is faster than a Ford," Livingstone said. "But most people are happy with a Ford."

He added that one of the reasons behind the decision was that his company could not see the economic case for such an investment, due to what he described as a lack of applications that needed such speed.

Source: The Register

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