New Sandberg docking station features 'hot swapping' for increased functionality

Interactive puts old HDDs to use

Interactive Ideas is looking to put old hard drives to use with the introduction of Sandberg’s SATA docking station.

One of the key features of the docking station is that it is possible to hot swap the drives; increasing the functionality of the device ten-fold. Sandberg claims this functionality is equivalent to using old hard disk drives as super high capacity memory sticks.

The device is compatible with both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard disk drives.

The main connection point is a USB 2.0 port, providing speeds high enough for almost any use, except live video editing. While it doesn’t come with the option of Firewire connection, it does allow connection through eSATA providing transfer speeds of up to 3GB/s.

It also comes with back up software for Windows-based computers, transforming the device into a highly flexible back up system. The ingenuity of the device is that it allows users to either make use of their old SATA drives, or for you to sell on second hand drives – obviously so long as they are formatted clean.

The docking station is also ideal for those occasions where the user may be moving data to a new computer or as is the case these days, to a laptop.

In addition to that, the device comes with a fully comprehensive five-year warranty and servicing giving your customers confidence in their purchase.

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