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PC Retail speaks to Acer's UK country manager Bobby Watkins

INTERVIEW: Acer in the hole

After a storming Q3 and Q4, in which it held the number one vendor spot for notebooks in the UK, Acer is looking forward to another growth year in 2009, despite the economic malaise much of the industry is feeling.

Netbooks are often sneered at for being technically inferior to regular PCs. While there will always be a performance gap, do you think this will become less pronounced once the performance bar for netbooks raises, leading to many more people adopting them?
No, actually. I think the adoption will go up significantly, but I don’t think it will be by blurring a netbook to become a notebook. I think it will be through identifying what it is that drives the consumer to actually buy an ultra-mobile device and addressing those needs.

You can read the rest of PC Retail’s interview with Acer, by clicking here.

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