Network operator in negotiations with two major disties, with a sign up of dealers planned

Orange to target IT channel in 2009

Orange is set to launch its biggest push yet into the IT sector this year, as it looks to partner with retailers and resellers on its mobile internet and mobile phone businesses.

"2009 is going to be the year that we really go into the IT channel," Orange’s business manager for Indirect Channels, Mark Simm, told PC Retail. "Netbooks have really changed the dynamics of both channels and speeded up the convergence of the two.

Telecoms retailers and resellers have already started making inroads into the IT channel, but very few IT dealers have made the move the other way."

Simm said Orange was keen to help IT dealers move into the telecoms sector, and was lining up deals with two of the biggest names in the channel to help them do just that. "We are currently in negotiations with two major IT distributors that have already dipped their toes into the telecoms channel," Simm said.

"It’s important for IT resellers to realise that they are more trusted and suffer less from churn when it comes to their customers looking at new products and solutions. It’s a different story when it comes to the mobile markets though," Simm said.

"People are much more price-orientated and will often choose one dealer over another based on price. However, businesses tend to be more willing to consider other elements when there is genuine value added to a sale."

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