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CeBIT 09: Thin and stylish new models draw comparisons to the Mac Air

Asus reveals new EeePC at CeBIT

Asus has unveiled its newly rebranded and redesigned EeePC range at CeBIT.

The new 1008HA and T91 models, which according to Tech Trends have been given the motto ‘when pearlescent beauty meets versatility,’ have been designed with a much greater emphasis on appearance than previous models.

The 1008HA has drawn a number of comparisons to Apple’s Mac Air. It weighs around one kilogram, with a 10-inch screen, multi-touch touchpad, a 3G antenna and Wi-Max functionality.

The T91 is a wireless tablet PC with an 8.9-inch screen and is appears to have been designed for touch interfacing.

The third EeePC model to be revealed was the Eee Keyboard.

Although further details remain elusive, it would appear that Asus is looking to phase out its smaller screened models.

“It seems that customers prefer to have a greater screen, which also means a larger keyboard,” said Asus’s CEO Jonney Shih. “The seven-inch netbook is going to be phased out, although some emerging countries may still have some demand.”

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