Vendor takes action against recent claims for dissolution of trademark

Psion sues Intel over netbook name

Psion has filed a counterclaim against Intel in the on going spat between the netbook trademark holder and the modern PC industry that wants it dissolved.

The complaint – filed at the same court as Intel and Dell’s earlier claims –wants the US District Court for Northern California to bring charges against Intel for unlawfully trading on its brand name.

"Intel has acted wilfully and maliciously, has unlawfully attempted to trade on the tremendous commercial value, reputation and goodwill of the Netbook mark, and has deliberately and intentionally confused and deceived the public as to an affiliation, connection or association of Intel with Psion, and/or as to the origin, sponsorship or approval of Intel’s goods and/or services," the vendor states in the court documents.

"As a result of the plaintiff’s long use of the Netbook mark in association with Psion’s products and services, the Netbook mark has come to be recognised by the relevant consuming public as being sponsored by, approved by, authorised by, associated with or affiliated with Psion.

"Use by Intel of the designation Netbook has caused and is now causing severe and irreparable harm to Psion," it added.

Source: The Register

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