However, resellers are warned to ensure that they are ready for beginning of upswing

Analysts predict channel recovery by 2012

Resellers must not lose focus on the future, or risk being left behind when the economy does recover, an analyst from Canalys has warned at its Channel Forum event.

During his keynote speech, senior analyst Alistair Edwards said that the channel will have recovered financially by 2012, with adoption of technology such as cloud computing, virtualisation managed services and unified communications expected to be in full swing.

"People need to work out what to do to keep the business going, but my message was that if you look at what’s happening by 2012 it is very positive and back into the growth phase," Edwards told attendees.

"A lot of resellers are focused on immediate business and don’t have the staff to keep an eye on the industry and what are best practices in the channel," he added.

He also warned that there was a difference between what was perceived by many as necessary to stay in business in the current economic environment, and the reality of what it would take to survive and thrive.

Edwards said that it would be the resellers who had worked at their customer relationships and became more aggressive that would be the ones doing well when the economy righted itself.

Source: Microscope

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