Vendor offers 30-day free trial of Eve Online with new laptops

Rock targets MMO gamers

Rock has signed a deal with CCP, the developers of the MMORPG Eve Online, to bundle the game with a free 30-day trial on all of its computers sold during February and March.

Speaking to CRN, mobile technology director at Rock’s parent company Stone Group, Nick Boardman explained that both firms hope that the deal will generate new business.

The vendor-retailer also attacked the policy of its rivals bundling software that people would never use. "People are fed up with buying PCs which bundle software they do not need," explained Boardman.

"The logic was that consumers might be tempted to buy the full version of the application, and the vendor would get a commission. But all they did was annoy their customers."

As part of its move to remove bloatware, it will offers its customers an option of a clean install, optimised for the machine’s purpose, which he noted would be mainly gaming in the case of Rock.

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