Poor value for money and lack of knowledge the main reasons for dropping solutions provider

SMEs more likely to divorce than change IT firm

Small business owners are more likely to divorce their partners than change their IT service provider a survey has revealed.

According to the research carried out by Shadowfax Technology, six per cent of small business owners in Hertfordshire and Essex said that changing their IT service provider was less likely than them divorcing their partner.

"We were astonished by the findings," commented Shadowfax Technology’s managing director Adam Pedder. "We knew that many companies felt that the perceived ‘pain’ of changing supplier prevented them moving but we never thought that some would rather get divorced.

"It shows how important a good IT support company is to a small business," he added.

The survey of 210 business owners showed that the joint top reason for changing IT supplier was poor value for money and lack of knowledge with 47 per cent saying it would be enough to consider a move.

Other reasons included being too expensive and the business outgrowing them at 41 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

Source: ChannelBusiness

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