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CES 2009: Vendor unveils XPS 625 desktop aimed at gamers

Dell launches new gaming rig

After launching a string of new laptop models, Dell has bolstered its gaming desktop range with the launch of the XPS 625.

The rig is powered by a AMD multi-core Black Edition processors and ATi radeon graphics, which can be configured to a tailored price point.

Dell is making a big deal of the overclocking ability of these machines, which major firms don’t often do (you don’t have to remember too far back to a time when vendors frowned on the entire process). The PC takes advantage of AMD’s recently launched ‘performance tuning’ software in order to do so.

“The XPS 625 is the ideal desktop for gamers looking for a high-performance rig that won’t break the bank,” says Arthur Lewis, president, Alienware and general manager, Dell Gaming Group. “The robust nature of this system gives users the flexibility to configure anything from an aggressive, value-based platform to an all-out benchmark killer.”

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