Vendor unveils two new desktops with low carbon footprints

HP to launch power saving gaming PCs

HP is preparing to launch two new gaming PCs – the VoodooDNA 802 and 803 –which are designed to consume less power, making them greener options.

The new systems will come loaded with component types usually found in a laptop, where power consumption is required to prolong battery life.

The machines will come with dual Nvidia Geforce 9800S video cards and quad core Intel processors.

"It’s like we took a gas-guzzling SUV of a PC, flipped it on its head and created the hybrid of high-performance PCs," said Rahul Sood, chief technology officer for HP’s Global Gaming Business. "The high-performance PC space seems to have gone out of control when power supplies exceed 1.6 or 2 kilowatts, drawing more than the wall can handle, and people have 3-4 video cards and spend $5,000 to 6,000 on a machine just to play a videogame."

Link: PC Advisor

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