Windows and Internet Explorer see reduced uptake

Microsoft market share slips

Software giant Microsoft has seen its market share fall to the lowest levels in a decade.

According to web analyst Net Applications, Windows market share dropped below 90 per cent – traditionally the low-water mark for the OS – to sit at 89.6 per cent market share as of December 1st.

At the same time, Mac OSX saw its largest gains in two years with 8.9 per cent market share.

Internet Explorer hasn’t fared too well either, the browser saw its lowest market share in a decade at 69.8 per cent, as it comes under pressure from a wave of new competition such as Google Chrome, Firefox 3 and Apple Safari.

“The more home users who are online using Firefox and Safari at home rather than IE, the more those browsers’ shares go up,” said Net Applications’ executive vice president of marketing Vince Vizzaccarro.

“You have to factor for the unemployment rate, too. That’s put a lot more users at home as well, which means more users using Firefox and Safari, not IE.”

Source: CIO

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