U110 and U115 to complement the new U120

MSI to launch more Wind laptops

MSI has announced the launch of two new versions of its Wind laptops that utilise different processors and a new hybrid storage system.

Like the U120, the new laptops will based on Intel’s Atom Z530, however the U110 will be mounted on the more energy efficient Poulsbo chipset and will carry up to 250 GB of SATA hard disk storage.

The U115 is based on the same processor and chipset platform, but will come with a hybrid storage system. Unlike the others, the U115 will use a 160 GB hard disk and a 32 GB solid state disk drive in parallel, with the SSD being utilised for the operating system while all other applications are to run from the hard disk.

The U120 will be available in early December and the U110 and U115 are to be available in January.

Source: Netbook 3G (Translated from French)

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