Dutch firm says Microsoft is unfairly pricing EU stock higher than US

Reseller launches Microsoft legal action

Dutch reseller HW Trading has launched a legal battle with Microsoft, accusing the software vendor of illegally inflating prices in the EU.

The case, began with a filing at the Californian Central Court back in May, accuses Microsoft of breaching Article 81 that forbids anti-competitive agreements. Owner of HW Trading, Samir Abdalla claims that by selling software for 30 per cent less in the USA, it is breaching EU law.

Abdalla had previously been accused by Microsoft of importing software from Egypt, something that according to Dutch press he doesn’t deny, rather claiming that Microsoft’s uncompetitive practises had forced him to.

Speaking to Microscope, a lawyer at Houthoff Buruma, Gerard van der Mal – the firm taking the case to the EU – said: "Maintaining considerable price differences between the US and Europe is an abuse of a dominant market position," adding that Microsoft was also in breach of Article 82 because of this.

While Microsoft’s lawyers were unable to comment on the individual case, corporate attorney, legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft, Graham Arthur told Microscope that parallel importing was often a symptom of other more worrying activities.

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