Distributor to lay off undisclosed number of employees as part of strategy to reduce costs

Bell Micro confirms UK redundancies

Bell Micro has confirmed that its UK operations will be affected by job losses, as part of its plans to reduce its costs by ten per cent.

Speaking to CRN, John Toal, president of Bell Micro EMEA said: "We are going through a cost saving programme this week and next. We are looking to reduce costs through a mix of people and operating expenses."

However, Toal was keen to stress that job losses were a last resort and the firm had been looking to reduce costs elsewhere.

"It is not a pleasant situation but it is better to act quickly and then be able to focus positively on the rest of the quarter," he said. "You have to move quickly. If you don’t, you will have issues next year. Virtually every industry is going through this so it is no great surprise."

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