Regulatory body claims government's moves on illegal file sharing don?t go far enough

FAST rallies for stricter P2P laws

The Federation Against Software Theft has attacked government proposals to reduce illegal peer-to-peer file sharing for being insufficient.

The government’s proposals would require corporation between ISPs and copyright holders to crack down on file sharing websites.

However FAST claims that any moves that are voluntary, such as the plans set out by the governments Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in July, will be difficult to implement.

“It is dependent on a full consensus being achieved; to date this has not been successful,” said FAST chief executive John Lovelock. “ISPs will be reluctant to take action against their customers, thereby risking alienating and losing them. Some regulatory requirements will inevitably be needed, as this will take the decision out of the hands of the ISPs themselves.”

Link: Microscope

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