Former High Street name re-emerges as pure-play etailer, 19 years after its purchase by Comet

Laskys re-enters UK market

Kesa appears to be reviving one of its lesser-known brands, Laskys with an improved marketing push ahead of the Christmas season.

Laskys was purchased by Comet back in 1989 – prior to Kesa’s demerger from Kingfisher – closing 59 of the chain’s stores and rebadging 11 as Comet stores.

Speaking to Retail Week, a Comet spokeswoman said that the brand name had been dormant until a few years ago when it decided to launch a pure-play etailer, separate from the Comet Group, but still part of the wider Kesa Group.

The main difference between the two retailers is that while Comet focuses on service led sales, Laskys is much more price focused.

The spokewoman refused to provide further details about what the group plans to do with the brand.

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