European neighbours become the latest state to target illegal internet piracy

FRANCE: Three strikes policy to hit file-sharers

The French Senate has passed a new law designed to crack down on internet file-sharing as the battle against online IP theft reaches the continent.

Music Week reports that the French Senate has recently passed a “three strikes and you’re out” law raised by President Sarkozy which, as the name implies, sees net users face the prospect of seeing their internet connections cut if they persist in sharing files online.

The move also sees a new governmental body created to oversee the anti-piracy measures.

The news mirrors recent developments in the UK that saw internet provider Virgin Media and the BPI team up to target activity on this side of The Channel.

Virgin Media is no stranger to online controversy, with CEO Neil Berkett having previously stated that the whole concept of internet neutrality is “a load of bollocks”.

However, similar moves in the past have proved problematic for both ISPs and rights holders, with Atari recently finding itself in hot water following its attempts to crack down on downloaders. There has, however, been a limited number of successful prosecutions.

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