PC Retail Award winning retailer launches the most powerful production PC going

YOYOTech unveils fastest ever PC

London independent retailer YOYOTech has produced the most powerful ever single processor production PC, taking the crown from the 8-core SUN UltraSPARC system, which was twice the price.

Clocked to a stable 3.73Ghz, YOYOTech’s Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 is built around an overclocked Intel Core i7 965 processor, runs with 9GB of Corsair DDR3 memory, an Asus P6T mainboard, and a 2GB HIS 4870×2 graphics card.

“During our early discussions, we said that we need to forget about budget,” said YOYOTech’s owner CK. “That we can’t think that anything was ‘too good’ for this PC. We went back to the mindset you have as a child. Focusing 100 per cent on the ‘I Want, I Want, I Want’ mentality. I told my guys to focus on 100 per cent on pure performance and the pride that goes with knowing that customers will ‘own a piece of history’. We are offering the best and most intelligent processing system ever.

“We’re not interested in liquid nitrogen systems that give fantastic numbers and then burn out after 20 minutes. With the Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 our focus was on creating the PC equivalent of a ‘Le Mans 72 Hour Winner’ – delivering the highest score ever seen for a single chip system”.

The Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 retails for £3,995.

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