USA: Child safety campaigners demand HP pull campaign after it uses cover of artist's song

HP in ?100k Glitter storm

HP has been heavily criticised for using Gary Glitter’s Do You Want To Touch Me in US adverts for its TouchSmart series of touchscreen PCs.

The convicted paedophile stands to make £100,000 from royalties, despite HP using the Joanna Jet cover version. US child safety campaigners have blasted the firm’s "lack of sensitivity" in using the song, with many calling for the ad to be taken off air.

Experts from the American Society of Composers estimated that the royalties from a campaign of its size would net the royalty holder – in this case Glitter, real name Paul Gadd – around £100,000.

HP pulled the internet version of the advert as soon as it was notified of the link, but the firm is yet to confirm whether it will be pulling the television version.

Source: The Sun
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