Ed Turney passes away at 79 after losing battle with brain cancer

AMD co-founder dies

 It has emerged that one of the co-founders of AMD Ed Turney has passed away at the age of 79.

In a statement to the press, his brother George said that he died on Wednesday as a result of brain cancer.

Turney had been instrumental in the success of AMD. He met Jerry Saunders, a fellow co-founder at Fairchild Semiconductors, where he and seven other executives would leave to form AMD.

He had been responsible for overseeing the construction of the firm’s first chip fabrication plant; a role that, in a statement, Sanders described as: "instrumental in our securing the best distribution network in the United States. He built those critical relationships at the distributor level that were key to our business."

Turney left AMD in 1974 and worked at various other semiconductor firms and as consultants to start-ups.

Source: Register

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