Poking holes in the software giants? advertising strategy

New Apple ads bait Microsoft

It’s not standard practice to create an advertising campaign that centres on the marketing strategies of your rivals, however this is the approach that Apple has adopted in its latest series of PC/Mac adverts.

These adverts have been hugely successful for Apple, which secured ten per cent of market share last week for the first time.

Whereas previous ads focussed on the weaknesses of generic PCs as compared to Macs (bad design, freezing etc), the new campaign appears to concentrate specifically on Microsoft.

The first ad criticises the $300 million that Microsoft has allocated for its drive to advertise Vista, showing the ‘PC’ character dividing up its money in to a huge pile of cash for advertising and a small bundle of notes for product improvement.

The second ad, entitled V-Word, features the ‘PC’ character hitting a buzzer every time ‘Mac’ says “Vista,” in an attempt to censor the word.

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