Software giant speaks out on new operating system title

Microsoft defends Windows 7 name

After taking flack from members of the vocal internet community, Microsoft has explained its reasoning for calling its next operating system simply ‘Windows 7.’

To cut a long story short, the early Microsoft OS releases in the eighties and early nineties are termed simply as Windows 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 – however Windows 95, 98,98 SE and Millennium are all classed as Windows 4.0, while Windows 2000 is 5.0, XP is 5.1 and Vista is 6.0.

The classifications caused many users to share personal interpretations of Windows chronology on the internet, with wildly contrasting results.

Mike Nash, vice president of Windows product management said: "There’s been a lot of lively discussion since I confirmed yesterday that the official name for the next version of the Window client operating system will be ‘Windows 7’ about how we got to the number ‘7’. I’ll say upfront that there are many ways to count the releases of Windows, and it’s been both a trip down memory lane and quite amusing to read all the different theories about how we got to the number."

Link: Computer World

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