Retailer looks to push value of upgrades and repairs over replacing whole PCs as credit crunch bites

DSGi in Tech Guys push

DSGi is looking to take advantage of the economic downturn, with the firm launching a major promotion to promote its in house repair service TechGuys.

The promotion is designed to make people think twice before buying a new PC, with the firm focusing on services such as upgrades and repairs. Hitting with the tag line that you can have memory fitted from just £14.99, the promotion is designed to shift people’s perceptions about PCs as a commodity.

Speaking about the launch of the promotion, TechGuys’ marketing director Tim Fairs said: "Often when a computer starts running slowly or crashing a lot, it isn’t a case of needing to replace the whole thing. A simple upgrade or memory installation can improve the performance significantly.

"This isn’t just about saving money either; our tendency to throw away things that aren’t working rather than fixing them has a negative impact on the environment as well," he added.

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