Publisher looks to capitalise on casual gaming boom with low cost gaming line-up

Avanquest launches Click & Play

Software publisher Avanquest is looking to capitalise on restricted budgets in the run up to Christmas, with its new low price casual gaming range called Click and Play.

The games will be priced at under £10 and are designed to be impulse buy purchases to those that might not normally consider PC games.

The Click and Play umbrella brand will fuse all of Avanquest’s casual gaming ranges into a more cohesive offering, in a move the publisher hopes will boost sales.

"With the much publicised credit crunch hitting recently leading to many consumers tightening their belts, budget games offer consumers the chance to buy games for a lot less than a new release game," said Simon Reynolds, European games director, Avanquest Software Publishing (pictured).

"It also gives retailers the chance to broaden their PC user base by offering lower price points and impulse purchase titles to customers who would not normally look at the PC area. Given current economic conditions, we are expecting the value sector to do well this Christmas.

"In addition to the great republished games titles we have from partners such as SEGA, Avanquest provides brand new games at ‘pocket money prices’ for less than ten pounds. Click and Play is a great example of this.

"None of the titles in the range have ever been released at full or mid-price, so for £9.99 the consumer can have a full version of a classic online game at a lower price than they would pay to download them."

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