Vendor teams up with five others to create joint support program

Pinnacle rallies vendor support for indie group

Hardware vendor Pinnacle is teaming up with four other as yet unnamed vendors to launch a joint support program for independent retailers in the UK channel.

The firm plans to get two peripheral vendors and two software publishers on board the scheme, currently termed the Partnership Program.

The program will initially look to sign up 30 to 35 independent retailers, but Pinnacle will be looking to grow this figure to 60 or 70, with support of six or seven vendors, as it matures. The scheme will be looking to sign up the initial batch of retailers by the end of November.

"There have been several discussions with potential vendors to understand their ideals and also define synergy between their respective roadmaps," said Simon Isted, UK country manager at Pinnacle. "It is the ultimate scenario to partner with four other vendors that aspire to build a strategic and long term ‘Accredited Partnership Program’ that will provide a high level of service across the UK for their respective brands."

A key part of the scheme will be to offer regular visits to retailers for product training purposes and to keep them in the loop of new launches and trends. PC Retail understands this may evolve into regular get-together events hosted by the five vendor partners.

"The service will provide a significant level of differentiation to the Retail partnership through fortnightly visits, monthly training sessions and a quarterly planning event," continued Isted.

"In addition to these services, the initial engagement would be to define key range selection for the specific partner and encourage initial stock placement through supported terms.

"Ultimately the plan over the course of 2009 would be to achieve a full accredited program that provides a high level of service to all major towns and cities in the UK."

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