Says Medea's claims that it has settled are false ? Medea hits back

Epson speaks out on court action

Printer vendor Epson has said that it is still taking legal action with Choice, Ebuyer and Medea International for disputes over its ink cartridge patents, despite settling one case out of court.

Epson claims there are currently two ongoing court cases, one filed in 2006 (which Medea International has settled out of court) and a separate case filed in 2007, which all three parties are still involved in.

The latter case is apparently in relation to four separate print cartridge patent infringements, and Epson said it will potentially be seeking injunctions in excess of £1 million in damages and costs.

"Although Epson welcomes fair competition in the ink cartridge marketplace, infringement of Epson patented technology and innovations undermines this investment and provides an unfair advantage to those companies acting illegally," said Koichi Endo, chief operating officer for Consumer Products Operations Division of Seiko Epson Corporation.

"As such, we intend to protect our patents against any infringement and we continue to pursue our legal action against Medea International filed in October 2007."

However, Medea International disputes these claims. When asked to comment, a spokesperson from the Dundee based firm said: "Epson (SEC) has made many allegations about our patented Inkrite cartridges. This is the second time. Maybe after that there will be a third, or a fourth.

"We are not suggesting for a moment that SEC are guilty of the systematic abuse of the British courts, or that they are guilty of the kind of corporate cancer that prevents our courts from dealing with real issues.

"Whether or not these current allegations or patents are valid is something we will find out in due course."

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