Voodoo division may next, as CTO steps in to clarify rumours around integration

HP refuses to rule out further job cuts

HP has refused to rule out job losses at its high end gaming division Voodoo, after concerns were raised about the implications of its full integration into HP.

HP vice president and chief technology officer at its personal systems group – the division Voodoo now falls under – stepped in to clear up some of the confusion via the brand’s blog.

"Voodoo’s limited size and focus on North America had limited its scale. We can now extend Voodoo’s reach and influence globally through HP’s extensive go-to-market resources," he wrote.

"Are there layoffs? At times, there are downsizing moves in HP’s business units just as there are hiring moves. We’re always adjusting the work force to meet business needs and market dynamics. Is Voodoo immune from this practice? No, it is not."

The failure to rule out job cuts will come as a further blow to HP’s workers, coming less than a week after the vendor announced plans to cut 25,000 jobs as a result of its EDS.

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