Computacenter CEO warns of bad year ahead

2009 to be a bad year

Computacenter chief executive Mike Norris has warned that the real impact of the credit crunch will not be felt until 2009.

Speaking at the CRN Reseller Leadership Forum, Norris predicted job losses for his company after the firm was badly affected by the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, which was worth £15 million a year to Computacenter.

“2009 is going to be tough. I think 2008 is a good year,” he said. “I am expecting it to get worse in 2009, particularly for the IT market. I hope I’m wrong. We at Computacenter continually try and drive costs out of the business, and I am expecting our headcount to reduce.”

He also forecast the growing dominance of the Asian IT manufacturing sector as US and European companies focus on high-end products.

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