Simplification and energy efficiency on the cards

Dell outlines its green future

Dell’s founder and CEO, Michael Dell has outlined the company’s strategy for the future at a press conference in London, with the company looking to increase its green agenda.

After hitting its carbon neutral milestone in August, the company is set to expand its green agenda to its clients, as energy efficiency becomes more of an issue.

“Energy costs have now gone up so much that IT departments are being held accountable for their consumption,” he said.

The company is planning a new range of client devices that will be 25 per cent more efficient by 2010.

Dell is also looking to tackle complexity, with plans for a host of new products and services designed to allow businesses to develop their IT infrastructure without the need for costly consultants.

“Our intention is to simplify to the point where they can buy and build without having to go through a complex traditional consulting process,” said Dell’s EMEA president Dave Marmonti.

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