Move could see Fujitsu focus on business market and look to sell consumer division, possibly to Lenovo

Siemens may sell FSC stake

Reports have emerged that Siemens is looking to sell its stake in the Fujitsu-Siemens business, prompting suggestions that Fujitsu may then look to sell on the consumer side of its business.

The suggestions emerged after Germany newspaper Euro AM Sonntag claimed to have been told by sources that the European firm was interested in leaving the partnership.

It added that Fujitsu would most likely sell on its consumer arm to another firm, allowing it to concentrate on its commercial customer business.

This prompted further suggestions that the Lenovo, keen to grow its market share further and still reeling after being beaten to the punch by Acer for Packard Bell last year, may be interested in acquiring the partnership’s consumer business.

The firms will to renew their partnership agreements for another five years from 2009 if neither firm gives notice this year that they want to liquidate it.

Both firms declined to comment.

Via: Reuters

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