Software giant amends Office 2007 to make it more accessible to education sector

Microsoft swoops for UK schools

Microsoft has introduced a new licensing program for schools in response to complaints made by government advisory body Becta, which asserted Office 2007 was too riddled with restrictions for effective use with other documents.

The contention has so far derailed Microsoft’s attempts to get the software fortified in schools across the UK.

The new version should appear in around six months. Without disclosing exactly how it work better with other software, Microsoft’s Michel Van der Bel said:

“We understand that the issue of interoperability was one of the key factors underpinning Becta’s October 2007 complaint to the OFT. I look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Becta to ensure that in implementing built-in support for ODF in Microsoft Office 2007 we meet the needs of the education sector."

Becta responded: "Microsoft’s recent announcement of built-in support for ODF in Office 2007, and the very positive discussions we have had with them about their commitment to effective implementation," said Becta boss Stephen Crowne. "This will give schools and colleges additional flexibility to use a wider range of software. We will continue to work closely with Microsoft and the wider industry to maximise the benefit of ICT to our education institutions."

Link: The Register

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