Adds that expensive models are of limited use outside the house because of battery life issues

AMD’s Moorhead slams netbook price creep

AMD’s Pat Moorhead has expressed serious concerns over high-end models of netbooks, describing the recent price creep as pointless.

Moorhead, who is the firm’s vice president of advanced marketing, said in an interview with gadget site Slashgear, AMD is taking a wait and see approach to the market, as it feels these high-end models may be unsustainable, especially as the push into territory occupied by entry-level laptops, which have more power and functionality, albeit with a slightly larger screen.

He was also highlight critical of the device’s battery life: "You would expect eight or nine hours out of a netbook because it’s small – maybe you’ll compare it to a cell phone.

"In fact, for some of the ones that I’ve tested, probably the hottest one has an 1h45 of battery life. You’re not going to take that with you as a road warrior…around the house it seems okay, though," he added.

It’s not the first time AMD has expressed concerns over the market.

Moorhead’s comments come after Sony’s senior vice president of information technology products Mike Abary recanted on comments earlier this year suggesting Sony may be about to join the netbook fray.

"Sony has to participate because consumers are our core competency. We have to participate," he told Engadget at a recent press event. That is a change from his comments earlier this year, which suggested Sony might avoid the market all together after Abray described it as a race to the bottom.

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